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Warm Greetings to You,

In a world where our children’s happiness and well-being take centre stage, understanding and helping them through difficult times has never been more important. It brings me immense joy to introduce a truly transformative platform tailored to uplift caregivers, educators, and all those who hold a deep commitment to the well-being of children – My Holistic Workshop Series.

Allow me, Jessica Wasserman, a dedicated Child Psychotherapist specializing in working with young hearts and minds, to guide you through this journey. With a focus on helping children cope with and overcome trauma, these workshops and seminars hold a special place of enlightenment, support, and healing. Drawing from my years of experience and infused with a gentle touch of empathy, each session promises to be an invaluable wellspring of knowledge for anyone who shares in the nurturing of children’s emotional and psychological growth.

Why We Dive into Trauma Together?

Childhood can sometimes be filled with challenges that are tough to face alone. It’s my belief that by coming together and understanding how to assist children on their healing path, we can create a world where their resilience can truly shine. Through My Holistic Workshop Series, we’ll explore practical and heartfelt ways to support children in need, fostering an environment of security and growth.

What Makes My Workshops Special?

  1. Heartfelt Expertise: As a devoted Child Psychotherapist, I bring my heart and soul into every session. With a deep appreciation for children’s unique experiences, I’ll guide you through tried-and-true methods that truly make a difference.

  2. Interactive Connection: These workshops are more than just lessons; they’re moments of connection and growth. Expect interactive discussions, shared experiences, and collaborative activities that make learning a joyful journey.

  3. Comprehensive Topics: From understanding different forms of childhood challenges to creating a space for healing and resilience, our workshops cover a range of topics essential for supporting young hearts.

Who’s Invited?

Parents and Caregivers: Navigating the path of healing alongside your child. Educators and School Heroes: Empowering young minds within the classroom and beyond. Guides of All Kinds: Whether you’re a counsellor, therapist, or simply a champion for children, your presence enriches our workshops.

With wisdom, empathy, and a shared mission, let’s create a world where every child can thrive. With a heartfelt dedication to our radiant souls of tomorrow,

Jessica Wasserman


workshop about self harm and healing

Cost - R250 pp

Zoom link will be provided after payment

Self Harm- a compassionate approach to healing

8 February 2024. 20h00 – 21h00

After purchase, you will receive payment confirmation. Please keep this proof of payment in the event that the workshop is cancelled or there is an unforeseen change of date and/or time. A Zoom link will be sent a week before commencement of the workshop. Look out for this in your inbox. Reminders will be sent closer to the time of the training.

Within the tapestry of this seminar, we’ll embark on a journey of exploration into the complex and largely untapped landscape of Self-harming behaviours.

The following will be explored in the upcoming training: 
1. Definitions of Self-harm 
2. Self-harm through the IFS lens
3. The Neuroscience of Adolescence and how this relates to
Self-harming behaviours and tendencies
4. Risk and Protective Factors
5. Some tools and steps to manage Self-harm in the
classroom/school / at home
6. Live Q & A

I look forward to sharing, discussing and holding space with you.