Compassion, Courage and Co-regulation: GUIDING THE WAY THROUGH THE COVID CLASSROOM

A WEBINAR TRAINING SERIES PRESENTED BY Jessica Wasserman: Educational Psychologist and
Foundation Phase Educator

In light of covid 19 and where we currently find ourselves as a nation, as citizens, and as educators, I believe that what is needed now more than ever is Compassion – compassion for ourselves and for others; Courage – courage to shift the focus of our ‘lens’ and embrace the ‘new normal’; and Co- regulation – the modeling of warm, soothing and engaging interaction with the ‘other’. These are three critical pillars of trauma sensitive schooling and classroom management in the Post- covid era and beyond.

It is with this in mind that I have created an empowerment program through a series of webinars for staff, educators and school management teams. A program that places YOU at the centre, empowering and equipping you to address the traumas, uncertainties, and fears that your learners, parents and colleagues may experience; to provide you with the tools and techniques for self-care and self- regulation; and to guide and support you as you navigate your way through this ‘new normal’.

The webinars will be presented  via Zoom. The following topics will be explored: