Hello, Im Jessica

Welcome to my therapy space

About me:

As I have journeyed in both my professional and personal life, I have come to learn about the human system – its deep and beautiful intricacies, and the interwoven tapestry that makes up each and every one of us. After 15 years working in the field Education, as both an Educator and an Educational Psychologist, I began to explore the world of Trauma — leading me to train and learn with trauma pioneers and researchers all over the world; and allowing me to focus on creating a therapeutic practice that provides cutting-edge approaches to trauma psychotherapy. In the therapy space, all parts are welcome. We all have a story, and we all have a purpose; what a privilege it is for me to guide the way as inner worlds are explored, unburdened and healed.

My therapeutic approach:

In the therapy space, an integrative approach will be used, with a focus on the Internal Family Systems [IFS] model. This model was developed and founded 40 years ago by Dr. Richard Schwartz and has been clinically trialled and tested as an immensely effective and transformative approach to healing. I have had the privilege of being
selected amongst thousands of candidates globally to be internationally trained and certified in this therapeutic modality. See more at https://ifs-institute.com/

In his bestselling book “The Body Keeps The Score”, Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk states that IFS is ‘the treatment method that all clinicians should know to treat clients
effectively.’ The results include not only relief from symptoms but also a deeper sense of Self-knowing. For me, IFS is the bridge between a wide range of more classical therapies and the deepest ancient spiritual wisdom – the knowledge of who we are.

How it works?

In IFS, presenting symptoms, such as withdrawal, anxiety, self- harm, and substance use, are viewed as system protectors that need attentive healing, rather than as pathologies that need fixing.
We work with these protectors, and guide each person as they explore their own internal system – all the parts inside that help
them to manage, survive, to cope — without labels, diagnoses, judgment or agenda. This Self-exploration enables a deeper understanding of thoughts, feelings and behaviours, bringing about huge internal shifts and long-lasting change.
Collaboration and compassion are key components of the healing process.
The child/teen brain is in a fragile developmental stage, and therefore we equip them and ourselves with tools to bring harmony and peace into their inner and outer systems.

Family guidance and support is provided and encouraged throughout the therapeutic process.

The external family system is an integral part of the therapeutic journey, and caregivers are encouraged to be a part of the healing work. Strategies and interventions are shared and discussed in the parent consultations/touch base sessions, which are conducted face-to-face or (if preferred) online via Zoom.

Some presenting symptoms/protectors that may come forward are:

Withdrawal, Impulsivity , Disconnection, Disordered Eating, Substance Use, Self-Harm, Suicide Ideation, Depression, Anxiety, Excessive Gaming, Dissociation ‘Zoning out’, Overwhelm, Procrastination, Low Motivation, Aggression, Meltdowns, Emotional Outbursts / ‘Clingy’, Night Terrors, School Avoidance, Learning Difficulties, Changes in Academic Performance / Gaps in Learning.

What to expect?

  • A 90 minute in-depth initial intake consultation.
  • 2 – 3  explorative sessions with child/teen/adult client.
  • Follow up / touch base caregiver session/s.
  • A treatment plan involving a client-centred and family-systems approach.
  • Continuation of client sessions in accordance with a treatment plan.
  • Termination Session, family consultation, establishing a way forward.

Based on the needs of the individual client

certain interventions will be explored during the therapeutic journey, such as:

  • Exploration and Healing of Wounds (IFS)
  • Mind-body / self-regulation techniques (TSY)
  • Brain-based learning strategies and support
  • Educator support and guidance
  • Family mediation/support (IFS / FST

Various Therapeutic Modalities

will be integrated in the treatment approach, including:

  • IFS (Internal Family Systems)
  • TF-CBT (Trauma-Based  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Mind-Body  Connection
  • Sandtray Therapy

Additional Credentials and Certification

  • IFS L1 Trained Psychotherapist (IFS L1) [Institute of Internal Family Systems]
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (CCTSI) [Trauma Institute
  • Trauma Informed Certificate: Course 1 [Community Resilience Initiative]
  • Clinical Application of the Internal Family Systems Theory [Certified
    Course; PESI]
  • Sand Tray and Applied Sand Tray Therapy [Red Shoe Play Therapy
    Training Centre]
  • 200 hour Integral Yoga Teacher Training [Chaitanya School of Yoga]
  • 20 hour Yoga 4 Kids Teacher Training [Yoga4Kids South Africa]
  • Level 1 Brain Working Recursive Therapy – BWRT [Institute of Brain
    Working Recursive Therapy]
  • Advanced Course in Play Therapy – Centre for Play Therapy and Training


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